Getting Started

Most people experience only a few times having to stand for a funeral or funeral.
When one is also highly emotionally affected by the death, maintaining the overview can be completely unavoidable.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact the caretaker immediately after the death.
He can guide and answer the questions that are needed – what is urgent and what can wait?

We recommend to arrange a meeting with the clerk where you can get the appointments in place.
Depending on the situation, the meeting with the caretaker can take place in several ways.

Home of the deceased (possibly the nursing home)
Home of the relatives
At the caretaker by

As the family member is often in an emotionally difficult situation, we recommend that the meeting take place as far as possible in familiar surroundings, ie at home with the deceased or with the relatives.

You can easily prepare for the meeting without answering any questions.
There are certainly things that you know exactly how to be and other things you have doubts about.

Take a look around our website – there you can get many answers – or find out that there are opportunities you did not know about.

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