Scandinavian coffins

The coffins are in classic Scandinavian design, made from pine.

In Denmark, it is traditionally the white coffin that is most commonly used but as funerals become more and more personal, there are many different colors available.

Kisterne er i klassisk skandinavisk design, fremstillet af fyrretræ. I Danmark er det tradionelt den hvide kiste, der bliver mest brugt men i takt med at begravelser bliver mere og mere personlige, er der mulighed for mange forskellige farver.

01. D30 Bas

02. D40A – Ouverture

03. D40AK – Ouverture w. crust

03. D41A – Sonate

04. D46A – Aria

05. D40A – Rondo

06. D40AK – Rondo

07. D47A – Rondo

08. D40A-5 Ouverture blue

09. D45 – Fuga

12. D40A – Mother of pearl

Italian coffins

The production of our Italian coffins is based on artisanal traditions dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the raw material, the tree, was transported by barges along the rivers from the growing places in the mountains to the sawmills in the valleys.

The coffin factory is involved in the whole process – from the selection of the trees to be felled, carving, drying etc. to the final finish of the finished coffin.
All this ensures top quality chests, in terms of material, craftsmanship, design and finish.
The love of the material and the craft has been passed down from generation to generation.

31. Baviera-DK-Natur-fyr

32. Baviera-DK-Birk

33. Baviera-DK-Cherries

34. Baviera-DK-Mahogany

35. Monaco-DK-white-glazed

36. Sirio-DK-white-high-gloss

37. Sirio-GB-black-gloss

38. Sirio-GB-blue-gloss

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