Statutory Order on Funeral Forms

Excerpt from: Executive Order No. 586 of June 19, 2008 on Burial and Burning Chapter 1.

General provisions.
§ 1. Corpses must either be buried or burned.

§ 2. Burial must take place in the cemeteries of the national church or other burial places approved by the church minister.
PCS. 2. However, burial in churches or associated burial chapels or crypts may take place where this has so far been specifically authorized or in special circumstances permitted by the church minister.

Section 3. Cremation shall take place in crematoriums approved by the church minister.
PCS. 2. The ashes must be reduced to one of the burial places mentioned in section 2 (2). 1, or placed in another place approved by the Minister of the Church.
PCS. 3. The ashes can be spread over the open sea if the deceased so wishes in writing. The requirement of writing may be waived when it is undoubtedly the desire of the deceased that the ashes should be spread over the high seas. The funeral authority decides whether the requirement of writing can be waived. If an objection is made to the funeral authority’s decision and the objection is rejected, the funeral authority submits the decision to the district court, which decides by an order that cannot be appealed.
PCS. 4. The Diocese may allow the ashes to be treated in a manner that is reasonable in accordance with paragraph 1. 2 and 3, when there is a specific stated request from the deceased. The decision of the Diocesan Authority may be appealed to the Minister of the Church. Complaint must be filed in writing within 4 weeks after the complainant has been notified of the decision.

§ 4. The Minister for the Church lays down more detailed rules on burial and burial.

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